Graphics of Zeke Ziner (1919-2006)

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Eine Kleine Knacht Music II

Eine kleine Nachtmusik II

Study for Night Music

Study for Night Music

More Relics, BC

More Relics, BC

The James Blackstone Memorial Library

James Blackstone Memorial Library

Mr. Ziner donated his services to the citizen’s committee for the restoration of the library, preparing informational materials for print. The drawing style evokes an engraving contemporary with the neo-classical subject. Pen and ink on film. The drawing was made “for the camera”, to be reduced somewhat and used in a layout. While it was undoubtably drawn as an […]

Plan for sculpture

Plan for Sculpture

Do the drawings of sculptural inventions, obviously metallic, nearly build-able, represent abstract expression in an future age, a eutectic of metal-form and organic complexity? There is an inhuman quality to these forms yet they bristle and sway like something alive. Under a cap or mantle, is it a shell or perhaps an expanding sail that […]