Graphics of Zeke Ziner (1919-2006)

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Hydra Quay

Hydra Quay

In this linoleum block print we see wine and cement staged for transport by cart and boat. The geometry of the town continues as a motif throughout most of the print series and sketches of the harbor at Hydra, Greece. This print goes well with “Tourists, Hydra” which continues the busy waterfront complete with donkey carts […]

Plan for sculpture

Plan for Sculpture

Do the drawings of sculptural inventions, obviously metallic, nearly build-able, represent abstract expression in an future age, a eutectic of metal-form and organic complexity? There is an inhuman quality to these forms yet they bristle and sway like something alive. Under a cap or mantle, is it a shell or perhaps an expanding sail that […]

Life Study, Seated nude

Life Study, Seated Nude

In practice, life drawing will involves timed poses. Two figures from the same pose demonstrates a sure control.

Tourists, Hydra

Tourists, Hydra

This detailed composition shows the tour-boat crowd bustling along the old waterfront.

Self portrait at 70

Self-portrait at 70

This print is dated September, ’89 which means that Mr Ziner was carving the block for this print in the days leading up to his 70th birthday, August 27, 1989. In this self-portrait is included the stainless steel sculptures which took so long to make yet defined him as a vital artist even in those […]