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ife Study, Standing Nude

Life Study, Standing Nude

January, 1980, this would be from a life drawing session either at the Dobbs Ferry Library or  the Tarrytown Arts Center.  Anyone who practices drawing from the figure knows the difficulty of rendering a tall standing figure.

Life Study, Seated nude

Life Study, Seated Nude

In practice, life drawing will involves timed poses. Two figures from the same pose demonstrates a sure control.

Live Study Seated nude

Live Study Seated Nude

What was probably a 10 minute pose done with brush and wash is particularly convincing.

Life Study, left hand

Life Study, Left Hand

These studies are particularly effective as there are no indecisive lines, no corrections or blurring over. The left hand would have to model for the right sometimes.

Monhegan Island, ‘79

Monhegan Island, ‘79

Out in the plein air, on vacation in Maine, Zeke made many drawings with a rapid, calligraphic  brush and wash. Sumi or carbon black ink with water on washi,  Japanese hand-made paper was his medium of choice for some of his most expressive drawings through the decades. These were some of the first papers friend Aiko […]